Dream Supermoto?

Hey all!

So, I have been riding for a couple of months not on my CBT (with a 125 cruiser style bike), and have started thinking about training and progression.

I recon within 6 months to a year I will be looking to do my DAS and upgrade to a bigger bike.

My dream bike is a Ducati Hypermotard, based on looks alone, but I think it’s just a bit much for my first big bike :wink:

What’s a good option, heading towards this goal? I’m looking for a 600cc or less I suppose. I thought about a KTM, but everyone seems to think they break a lot, and I’m no mechanic.

Any suggestions folks?


Where did you get that impression?

People say that Ducatis are always going wrong, but PJ will tell you that is not the case :Whistling:

Admittedly I’m not the most knowledgeable, but I would say that the LC4 engine (in the Duke, Duke II, 625 SMC, 640 Adventure et al), is as reliable as most other engines if maintained properly. Although as a four stroke, single cylinder engine, it has shorter service intervals than an in line four.
I guess it comes down to the fact that engines need care and if treated badly can perform badly.

Even Hondas eventually :wink:

I want another SuMo!

edit -
Sorry, I forgot to add that the RFS engine has drastically reduced service intervals and drinks oil. But you get that back in performance and grin factor :slight_smile:

Everyone says that but i dont have any of these probs with mine. The only thing ive ever realy had to sort out is the crank nut coming loose which is a 20min easy job. Not done it for awhile now though.

As for servicing, i abuse my 525 and rarely service it. once a month at the most if that. only other problems ive had are from where ive been moding it especialy with these wheels that arent actualy ment for the bike :w00t:

Would never sell it as its had too much money go into it and i love it to bits :smiley:

i always reccomend a 400cc like cbr zxr rvf vfr gsxr they are quite fast handle great and wont need to be serviced as much as a single.

I can recommend the XT660X as a first bike. I know a load of people are now going to come on and say it’s gay and not a proper SM and blah blah blah, but most those people have never ridden one.

It depends what you need it for, but if you want a bike you can live with every day and is reliable and cheap to buy and run, you can’t go wrong with an XT I think.

I may be selling mine next year as I would like something a bit bigger (the new baby hypermotard is on my list of bikes to try, it’s very nice indeed), and yes, if I could afford more than one bike I would definitly look into getting a more focussed Husky or KTM, but not as an every day bike.

About 30% of my riding is commuting (every day), the rest is riding countryside lanes, and occasionally long distance (taken it to Belgium a couple of times). So it’s a very versatile bike. Riding it on the motorway isn’t fun, and to be avoided.

XT has 6000 mile service intervals, so that’s probably about the same as most IL4s or twins?

ASBO (10/12/2009)

I suppose it depends how many miles you do on it, but when an engine’s service intervals are measured in hours rather than miles, that’s go to be a sign that it needs TLC of some kind.

Not sure Dr. P could do his own servicing though.

We were talking about you honey-bunch!:kiss:

There’s only one model SM worth having…:wink: Mind you dont get a good one tho, it need to be rusty as sh1t, with CR wheel hubs and a KTM front end!:hehe:

Thanks for the discussion guys. Given me lots to Google. To be honest, looks play a big part in my eyes, I have to admire the design before I can buy it :smiley:

Nothing looks as good as the Ducati really, so I guess the KTMs are the next best… Shame Ducati don’t do the 700cc version anymore, do they? I guess a second hand one of those might be good, though being supermoto it may have had some abuse… what do you think?

So many good bieks mentioned here, thanks. Time to start practicing for my test!

There’s a new Hypermotard out now - the 796 :thumb

Listen to Sneaky mate … seriously … he’s very knowledgable in this area … The Riot is right up your street


Whats “the riot”? I’ve never heard of this… and a quick google doesn’t give it away.

As for a new 700cc range Ducati… WOWOW! Probs not a good idea as a first bike though, since I’ll probs dump it in a ditch or something… What do people think of that?

I was thinking about Ducati HM last year, did few test rides and it felt like road bike.
I would not want to drop it and pay for new plastics :slight_smile:

Got KTM exc and I’m very happy with the bike as my weekend toy.
Did 2000 fun miles last year without problems.


Is a supermoto suitable for all year round use? Commuting too?
When I google a lot of KTM bikes, I get pictures of straight dirt bikes, as well as SMs, where is the line between an offroader and a supermoto?

If you need to commute and use it daily go for ktm 690 smc.



As Driesie says, an XT660 (s?) is great for commuting - any bike with such a high riding position and small turning circle would be.
Good as they are in the city, the motorway and long A road trips aren’t advised as a common thing among SuMos is a small tank range and because of the lack of fairing they don’t offer much protection from the elements.

Many KTM (and other similarly focussed manufacturers) SuMos are quite ‘spirited’ bikes and the torque is surprising and great fun, other bikes have supermoto styling, but lack the ‘fire’! Although they are probably easier to handle and maintain.

To be honest, I chose to go to from a KTM 625 SMC to a Thundercat (mid-range sports tourer) for my one ‘do-it-all’ bike as I can take pillions, travel on the motorway, carry lots of shopping, commute and don’t have a highly desirable bike that will get pinched as quickly as many motos might (Ducati Hyporetard for example).
I loved the SuMo, I love the TCat.
But I couldn’t ride and use the former like I do the latter!!

In the end, your choice of bike should come down to expected use, common sense and maybe a little bit of what you fancy (which, after all, does you good :wink: )

PS. If you drop a SuMo, you don’t often have a giant bill to repair cosmetic damage

OMFG that bike is so sexy. I think that would be a good stepping stone to the hypermotard… though price wise, i might as well just get the Ducati…

I think what you are saying is it’s better than the Ducati for day to day use though… reliabiliy, servicing, fuel consumption etc?

Would the hypermotard or this ktm 690 smc be overpowered for someone who’s just come off a 125? I desire more power already but don’t want to get overconfident…

I had a Hornet, CBR600, KTM 625 and now the Thundercat (600) and I’m glad I got something easier to handle after passing my test, although it didn’t take long to get used to the torque of the KTM and it was great for the majority of riding I did (commuting).
Not good on rideouts with friends who aren’t on SuMos though, as they will leave you for dust fairly soon or get p*ssed off as you keep having to stop to fill up (and get some life back into your backside - if it’s a single cylinder moto).

TBH, I should have taken Elad’s advice and got the Thundercat to start with - would have saved myself a lot of money!!!

nah garret was ok so you’ll have no problems:D

i had the 660 for a while and loved it & went down to the 525exc, at 1st i thought i made a mistake but was the best thing in the end. only thing is insurance for the hypermoturd for a new rider will be ott.

I know. I just like you saying it :blush:

Thing is, there is only 1 and you got it, so it’s not really an option! :wink:

Back on topic. Like Mad-Dog says. Check out insurance quotes. The new baby hypermotard looks lovely, but you may not find a company to insure it, depending on your age and where you live.
Similar story with some of the KTMs. They’re very “nickable”.

As it’s your first bike, I would get something secondhand, fairly cheap and easy to live with. You may have a much better idea of what you want in about a years time, and if you bought something secondhand you won’t loose so much money selling it on.