dream bike

This bad boy came in to the garage on Saturday

I’d give my right eye. Can you believe it fit an ape like me, like a glove :smiley:

yum yum :slight_smile:

Fuggin state of it:D

The owner should be thrashed :w00t:

And the tax is upside down:P

tis filthy! but tis a nice bike…tho Tel…you KNOW this bad boy makes sense man…



Aye to be sure Rats, but the KTM is attainable, as in I can afford to buy it. The MV is kinda out of my price range.

And Chunks, I did shed a tear, its scratched to ****. But the owner has a whole heap of money apparently.

the owner needs a slap or give me that ill look after it

I was there, and forgot to have a sit on it. :crying:

I’m a div.

The big question is did you take it for a test spin to make sure everything was tickety-boo :D?

Alas no - I’m not on the company insurance. Have test rode one tho’. A while back - awesome ride - not the best but I guess its the fact that I was riding a 25k bike that made it all the better :smiley:

the owner needs to learn to lean…then he should be shot!!


what about this



Just had a look on eBay… you can pick some up cheaper:)


Here, keep an eye on this listing: