Drain covers corner of one way system in wimbledon

I take the same route home around the wimbledon one way system turning down by Morrisons parking lot towards the Kingston road. As you take the corner there are about 3 small drain covers in the middle making them difficult to avoid.

Hence I take the corner too slow if someone is turning behind me or I go too close to the pavement to take the inside or worse I cross over the line on the turn.
Last week I went straight over one of them in the dark and felt the back wheel slip a bit in the wet.

Don’t know how many people use that straight but it’s a real threat on that corner.


There are a few of these dotted on the corners in both the underpasses on the A12, Wanstead and Whipps Cross, both lanes, both ways, not much fun in the wet are they ?? :w00t: