Drain Cleaning

Anyone know any good people that can jet/clean/sort out drains?

In my block of flats, the main drain keeps getting blocked up, it has been jetted and CCTV’ed but no real solution as it looks like it is being blocked up again.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I called Dyno Rod once and when i was told it was going to cost me £150 just for a call out i went to Wickes and bought some rods of my own for £40 and sorted the issue.

We called Dyno-rod last year, and were quoted more than that.

Then with a bit of persistence we got the water board to send someone out who charged £70 or £80, something like that.

PM Ang & Mark, they knew someone too.

We have no idea what this lot are like though - GeoffB found them at Finchingfield:D

If its a persistent problem, it may be more involved than just maintenance - it could be that the system was poorly designed, in which the freeholder should attend to it (depending on leasehold arrangement)

sounds like either a collapsed main drain or roots growing through it.

i have known drainage systems to be affected by lady products (makeup pads sanitary towels etc).

A cctv survey would’ve picked that up unless the operator was pissed. Did you get a copy of the footage?

If it keeps blocking up, slipper could be right - badly designed or installed drainage. Or maybe your neighbours are pouring tubs of ghee down the drain.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. It is share of freehold so we all have the responsibility :slight_smile: The lady in the basement flat (who obviously gets the most sh!t - literally!) called out a slightly dodgier version of dyno rod in a panic last time and had a big bill for a lot of jetting and CCTV.

I have a copy of the CCTV and have watched it, nothign seems that major, no roots, etc, all the operator said was that there was a lot of ‘burring’ in the pipes and given the relatively high use of the drains (four flats) to it’s initially constructed purpose (1870 victorian house), lots of crap and ‘lady things’ get caught up and block the pipes…

Our builder suggested chucking some acid down to see if that will help, but other than that, and a full rebuild of the drainage system, I am not sure what is left… :ermm:

The law changed recently (start of October IIRC) in that whereas previously you were responsible for the drains right up until where they joined to the main sewer, now it’s the water companies responsibility from either where they leave your property boundary or if you have a shared drain on your property, it also extends to cover the shared part.

Inevitably there’s more to it than that, but it would be worth checking out Thames Water’s site to see how the change applies in your particular case, may save you a few bob.

like Pat said check with Thames water, my neighbour had them out recently with no charge because our houses are pre 1938 i think…
if you have to pay, it seems they charge £65…
Thames Water

I use quite a few companies at work but by far the best is London Drainage http://www.london-drainage.com/Pages/Lining_and_Patch.php

BUT as has already been suggested, give Thames Water a call, by doing that has saved my landlords/leaseholders alot of money. The biggest problem is caused by wipes and fat/oil.

Yup fat and oil. Tell people to be a bit more careful about what they chuck down the sink.

It could be a blockage further down the line that is backing up…?