Dragon Boat Racing ~ for charity

So as I put up a post in about 5 weeks (tomorrow) I will be doing a Dragon Boat race for the Happy Day Charity (http://www.happydayscharity.org/) which is my companies chosen charity.

So I have not even started my collections yet so either next week or the week after I will be attending the BM so some of you lucky lads and ladies can sign up.

I only need to raise £60 but would love to go as far over this as possible so dig deep people.


So the plan was to come down borough but not going to make it now before the race so if any of you would like to sponsor me (and I have decided to do it in a 118 suit) please let me know and I will give you my paypal details.

I need to raise £60 and I know it is my fault but have left it late give the race is next saturday.

So dig deep please peeps it is for the cause listed above