Dragging jean's

Has anybody got any experience of using these?

any good or bad points?

plus where’s the best place to buy some from?

Never tried them meself…but sell loads in the shop…we even have a crashed set so you can see for yourselves how good they are.

Basically jeans or cargos with a woven Kevlar panel stitched in on the knee, arse and sides, this area gives a greater abrasion and tear resistance than leather would. The downside is they are worn loose unlike leathers…so the panel could twist round…but believe me they will protect you more than Levis

I finally bought a pair today with Knox hard knee protectors. A combat model with knee protectors was £92.40

I like the shape, they a bit warmer than normal jeans due to the kevlar inserts.I went to Brighton, went shopping for 3 hours and came back and I’m very pleased, Comfortable, even with knee protectors, not looking “straight-from-the-track” . Hopefully I will never have a chance to check their tear resistance

I wanted to buy leathers, but then most of the time that I spend on the bike I wouldn’t wear them anyway, cause I’m not gonna put them on to go to the cinema or shopping.And they are not too good in winter anyway. So I bought draggin jeans now, and I’ll buy leathers after winter, for track days and longer rides.

rottie where did u get them in the end???

do u reckon u can post a pic?