Dragging jeans stockists

Anyone know which London motorcycle shops stock draggin jeans? Have googled but had no joy as to stockists. I don’t want to order online because of finding a suitable fit.


Not sure about London though p&h stock them in crawley (or they used to)

Try Sartso’s (Hein Gericke) though, really good fit and look much better :slight_smile:

Hate to say it, but Infin*** do them. Clapham have a good stock IIRC.

did someone say infinity :smiley:

lots of other brands just as good but with not the big name

cough route one cough

Well just back from a baby’s birthday party in the park - very nice and lovely :slight_smile: And en route nipped into Hein Gericke Clapham as per Biker Girls recommendation and found a pair of Sartos as you said!!! Great fit and really like them - plus they come with virtually invisible armour.

Really pleased - so yet another good buy on LBers recommendations! (I am still loving my back protector recommended on here :))

sartso’s are alot better than draggin’s, they have more kevlar in them and further down the legs/back of legs.

They are cool!! It’s amazing, I was going to go on a wild goose chase for Draggin Jeans over the next week or so - then decided to post this up this morning and got the recommendations - swung by H & G on route somewhere else and now am the proud owner of some Sartos :slight_smile:

Cheers guys - you are all fab !! Better than google any day!!

Which ones did u get as mine dont have any armour in and I was told they didnt do any with them?

Great u got them though, I LOVE mine and wear them all the time, I’m gonna miss them over the winter!


Yeah, which one did you get Hels? Wasp had to stitch in the armour for me…Or did you get the mens? Love my pair too (Jade jean). Wear them every day!