Draggin jeans or similar

I am in need of some trousers to wear to work on the bike, but ones that dont look too scruffy. I know draggin jeans are available but does anyone know of any that do the same job but are a tad smarter???

Try hood


I’ve used them for 2 years now and they are great. Haven’t had an off in them yet thankfully though. They did come up slightly large on the waist though and dont forget to add an extra couple of inches to allow a longer leg for when sitting on the bike.

Alternatively, wear your work trousers and then stick a pair of leather jeans a bit larger than your normal size on over the top.

I’m thinking of getting these.


You can put armour in them if you wish.

Try K-liners, can be worn under any trousers:


I`ve got a pair of Hood jeans, they are very good and cheaper than Draggin.

Draggin jeans also do a chino type trouser, hope this helps.

pm shopaddict she sells them

and hoods are completly lined in aramid, where dragging only have patches on arse hips and kness.

I went for the hoods

i was interested in the new esquad jeans til i saw the price

349 euros!!! 'kin hell