Downtime Tonight

Sorry about the downtime we had today. We had a couple of hardware issues which the host needed to intervene on (routing issues it seems). All is well now thought.

At least its back up now :smiley:

i want some money back on my membership

I personally feel like I’ve been inconvenienced, I mean what the hell Jay??!! How can it happen in the UK? I mean what are we paying you for?? :smiley:



its different:crying: :smiley: whats the deal with the post rating bar 6000+ post not enough:Whistling:

sorted now:kiss:


not so fast Jay - can’t quote you or re add my avatar: exceptions galore.
Chrome 12.0.742.112
Win 7 UL N

Quoting… could be something I just fixed…

could be :wink:

Okay, looking into it Garret. Cheers.

No, thank you.

Well done BTW. It’s a great feeling once the ‘teething’ stage is out of the way (although I guess the other two of the triumvirate know that better :wink: )

Wenas Noches.

That’s got it! Now on to the pinkness!! :blink:

What’s wrong with the pink? :slight_smile:


ANother test.

I am using Firefox and i can’t upload my picture from my computer for my avatar.