Downloading music? Any tips?

Got an I-pod and I’m tired of pay Itunes for music that I can do what I want with it becouse the encrypt it! But I’m not sure if it’s safe to download from the net? and where should I go? Anyone with more ‘experience’ in it to show me the path?

Kazaa is terrible, most of the files are corrupted, it slows your system dramatically and so on and so on…

Use LimeWire! It’s amazing, all the files are ok, fast transfer, no ads, no banners, no hidden programs.

Of course I’m not suggesting downloading any copyrighted material…

That’s what I have been doing Tony up to now… I just thought that maybe someone knows some ‘miracle’ out there… I don’t want to take any risks… Better off lending cds from friends that pay for it eh? lol… Thanks Rottie mate

One word “torrent”, the worlds your oyster, I’ll give you the low down later.

BitTorrent was meant to be the way to go now, then again I also recently heard lots of ppl going back over to Grokster

for BitTorrents I use Azureus, with Kazaa, use the hacked, spyware free KazaaLite, running [properly updated] antivirus on a patched [windows update] windows machine you should be OK.

i use limewire. it’s excellent.

This is IMHO the best … Soulseek … You can find it here:

It’s particularly good for underground & rare stuff!


Thanks guys! You are all kind… not sure if I’m not even more confused now though… lol. I check up it all but I’m more keen to keep lending CDs from friends…

All about Torrent I downloadsss everyday

Downloading files is one big dancing game, the heat comes to one network/source and so it shuts down, and people displace to another one, and then the cycle repeats itself. BitTorrent was the daddy for me up until recently, not bothered looking elsewhere, too busy building LB!