Dover for the Continent (Eastbourne for the incontinent) we are so excited:)

Had the bike serviced newfront pads and a caliper service:)

Tug can attest that new rubber was added on Tuesday as he drove past in his lorry. Minding my own business when I get a wolf whistle, which I ignore. Bloke doing the tyres says is that yer gay mate mate?

Since the a Big GB plate has been added to appease the Swiss + a bit of insulating tape over the dipped beams.

Off Saturday morning to arrive at Pension Williams that night.

Brienze Saturday night, a few passes into Italy for two nights in the lakes. Two nights near Venice.Two nights near Florence, then on to Rome for a night.

From there Julie is in the dark, I`m thinking Bari to Greece then on to Turkey, Kurdistan and a few months in a Yurt.


Have a gud’un you two.

Sounds excellent.

Miss you both already,
Have a fantastic trip


Thanks chaps, we’ll think of you when sipping our Campari & sodas:D

Have a good un, and bring back lots of cool fotos.:slight_smile:

Sarlat for next year is looking good if you’re able to make it.:smiley:

happy holiday you two - ride safe :slight_smile:

Have a great time.

Safe trip Mr & Mrs J!!

see you on the Norfolk Run when your back:)

Your holiday sounds fantastic…hope you have a great time. :slight_smile:

Have a lovely Time you two, you’ll be missed around here :smiley:

Sounds fantastic - have a great time guys! :cool:

screw the big GB and tape mate the only thing the Swiss will be looking for is this :smiley:




Have a great trip and take care over there as the Swiss can be a tad picky and exspensive ask KML he got caught by them :):slight_smile:

Thanks for all the good wishes & advice :slight_smile: Hopefully we should be in Switzerland for less than 24 hrs so we can hold on for that long:D

Have a great time…we’ve just come back from touring the Alps. The Swiss never batted an eyelid at no GB sticker & bright lights :smiley:
We had breakfast in France, lunch in Switzerland & coffee in Italy… Q

not long to go

Sounds fab guys, enjoy yourselves! :smiley:

We’re off for a 5 day trip through France and Germany in two weeks and can’t wait! :smiley:

Enjoy you two, i’ll want to hear all about it when you get back;):slight_smile:

Oh no , so who’s going to lead out on Sunday’s ?

Hope you both have a great time , bring us a Toblerone !