Double bubble screens

I recently bought a double bubble screen from Skidmarx at the BMF. Not terribly impressed with the quality, which is about the same as a screen I had from Fabbri a couple of years ago.

It seems to me that it’s really dificult to get a decent quality aftermarket screen. They rarely fit flush with the bike’s plastics and leave an awful gap down their side. I think that eventually I’ll sell this one and replace with something else from a different company.

Has anyone had any similar experiences or can anyone recommend a good make?


Hi David! I too have found the same with most UK-marketed screens, they just don’t cut it. I’ve had great results with Puig screens, which are normally on eBay. They have a reputation for fitting well and looking the part. Worth having a look I think.

Post up a picture of what you have installed on the bike

Cheers Jay,

A quick browse reveals the Puig site at - Looks like they do a rather nice screen for my R1:

However, it does look a LOT like Peter’s one from Pyramid - and clicking on the distributors link and selecting UK shows up Pyramid. I wonder if Pyramid are just re-branding the Puig range for the UK (I was under the impression that they made the screens themselves)?


I thought they did as well. But that sure looks good eh.

Im after a smoked double bubble for my K5, if anyone knows where i can get one ???

Hi Pete,

Buster’s - - list double bubble and ‘etched’ double bubble screens for K5s. Not sure who’s supplying them though as Buster’s is just a reseller, maybe you could phone up and check, or order a free catalogue from their site.


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here s a pic of screen from skidmarx

Hi everyone

Love to find out where the best shop will be close to north london to buy a double bubble for the GSXR 1000K5. Any details welcomed!

I have searched countless hours on the web but can’t find any pictures of the actual 1000K5 double bubble pictures…

Thanx in advance

EDIT* Please place orders here!!!

Can’t help with the screen Honky Tonk, but welcome to LB mate

Check the rideouts post for St Georges Day ride out, get your name down it will be a great way to meet a lot of new peeps from LB.

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Hey Honky Tonk Man. These sorts of products are best bought online, most shops haven’t got a clue when it comes to good quality items. I would recommend Puig screens, which you can get on eBay. Here’s some snaps of one on my K5:
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P.S Welcome to LB! Post up a picture of your bike in the Pictures & Video forum.

As stated I think Puig are probably the best when it comes to aftermarket screens, quality look and feel.

Thanx 4 the worm welcome to LB.

I have followed the forum the last few days and this is the only decent site for any londoner to be member of!

So yeh hopefully we will meet soon on a ride or two etc.

I have PMed Jay before to get pics and info about his PUIG and yes I think that is the one for my baby. Will have a look on E-bay to see if any is available as I really get annoyed with my head bouncing around in the wind…

And yes I will post in the required thread about my availability for the St Georges ride (a mate with his bike might join us if the weather is ok). That will be two of us with two bikes! I think that will be an awsome ride…

Thanx again and hopefully see you soon

honky tonky man, members only for that ride, get your friend to join up and introduce himself! Mainly this is out of respect for the others going on the ride, they will appreciate knowing who’s riding with them…

Good luck with the screen.

Ok! I will speek to him when he gets back from holiday this Sunday. I’m sure he would love to first join the forum then be able to ride with fellow londoners…

I’ve searched E-bay UK but nothing at the moment on the PUIG. So I whent abroad and am speaking with a chap than runs a shop in the States that will send one over. Now its just a case of me ordering it.

Thanx 4 the help guys and see you soon.

Gsxr Fan how do you find the finish is it top quality or are you looking for better as I was going to turn to skidmarx?

What about Zero gravity anyone got any news on them Crescent Suzuki use them so…?

Hi DaArtist

Zero Gravity was my second choice after PUIG. Though I could only find one in a German shop via E-bay.

Awaiting its delivery any day now and heard that the PUIG’s finish is the best… Will wait and see after delivery what it looks like…