Double Amputee on the Track

just one word : Respect from ghostkon on Vimeo.


That guy is pretty inspirational, had some guys at brands a few years ago, both had an arm missing, in the fast group and showing people their tails…

Gets pretty far down on right handers, but there he has the advantage.

That just proves that counter steering is a load of bolox. :slight_smile:

This makes me ashamed of myself and the skill of others. BIG RESPECT

Respect! :cool:

he aint slow either…

i wonder how he gauges how far over he is on the tyres on the right hand side.


I loved the fact that he is passing all those other bikes AND still shakes his head because he thinks he didnt get the line perfect

Wow…So throttle is on left…but how does he brake and clutch at the same time? Only use back brake…? Very impressive!!

Not the same guy, but this vid shows how an arm amputee uses throttle, clutch and front brake on the left bar.