Dot to Dot

Need some help from you experienced european riders :slight_smile:

Good roads, no motorways;)

Calais (France) to Liege (Belgium):wink:

Liege (Belgium) to Pruim (Germany):wink:

Pruim (Germany) to Trier-Porto nigra (Germany):wink:

Trier (Germany) to Titisee (Germany):wink:

Titisee (Germany) to Arzi Im Pitztal (Tyrol) Austria):wink:

Arzi Im Pitztal (Austria) to Bolzano (Italy):wink:

Bolzano (Italy) to Desenzano del garda (Lake Garda) Italy):wink:

More to come:w00t:

Get yourself down to Stanfords map shop in town, and pick up a Michelin map (or any other that does scenic routes). Then chain up as many green routes as you can :cool:

+++ Or Daunt’s bookshop in Marylebone High Street. There is a huuuuugge travel section at the back with maps & guides.

My recommendations for Germany are the 257, 258 and 259. (South East of Aachen). Got to be up there with the best roads in the world.

Northern Europe is bound to be tame compared to the Alps - so pesonally, would just boot it down the Autobhans and then have as much time as possible on the mountain scenic roads.

Enjoy - sounds like an awesome trip. Maybe check for gravel car parks too:P

Is this the route for RRRR? Can’t wait:w00t::w00t:

Got some good mountain roads round near me in Germany but i aint got a clue where that is in comparison to the places you’ve mentioned and im too lazy to look on google :w00t:

Will be, Europe is calling:w00t::w00t::smiley: Just got to work out when and for how long…about 10 days me thinks:w00t::w00t::smiley:

Thanks for that mate, a visit this saturday me thinks;) should be able to get all i need from under one roof:D

This is stelvio pass, this has just been added to Rioting Robs Ridiculous Ride-out:w00t::w00t::smiley:

I thought Stevio would be good, but the surface is bad and the hairpins are a bit erm, boring. Prefer sweeping three-digit bends myself :wink:

Have you done the Grossglockner Mountain pass Andy?:smiley:

Could well have RR, we did 3 passes one day. There are plenty of fantastic roads in the Alps but I remember the Stelvio looked like it had been overused since Clarkson and co. went over there and did the Top Gear programme. Just do as many as possible :cool: If you can get on those German roads I mentioned above into your trip you wont be disappointed. :smiley: I’m envious cos it doesnt look like i will be going this year :crying: