Dopey Northern Bastard

Dopey Northern Bastard (Richard Dennis) has been run over by his own car. The incident happened when “Burgers” car decided it aint gonna take anymore shite from the lanky yorkshire toad. So it stopped on the motoway just to really **** him off:D. Good job the car broke down on a good incline thought Burger as he gave it a good shove to get it outta the way of traffic, only to trip over his size 17 flippers and the back wheel to roll over one of them :w00t: He is currently excepting any of your old go faster stickers to stick on the cast.
Life’s a bitch to some eh?

who’s richard denis :ermm: :blink:

edit: related to denice richards? :hehe:

He’s on here as Burger.

Now it appears he’s Burger meat! :w00t::P;)

the silly northern [email protected]:D:D

Get well soon Burger, you silly northern tit! :stuck_out_tongue:

ha ha ha Burger feet Lol

Is the silly sod still in hospital or back at his flat in west london?

He’s hiding from the world in his flat, but im sure if ya turn up with a wheelchair he’ll gladly come to the ace for a few jars :smiley:

Awwwww the poor love, it could only happen to him :stuck_out_tongue:

Get well soon Rich :kiss: