If it was someone off here that wedged a Pepsi can in between my rear suspension…

Don’t touch my fùcking bike again…

A) If anything happens to my bike due to your stupid sense of humour, I haven’t got the time or money to start putting it right, and B) I gave you no permission to touch my bike.

I’m an easy going guy that doesn’t take life too seriously, but start playing unfunny dumb shìt games involving my bike and I become a less amenable person.

I don’t care if you do this to everyone and people just laugh, fùck you, I’m not everyone else…Stay away from my property.

Apologies for the language and apologies if it wasn’t anyone off here, but this has pissed me off…I don’t come out to have to check my bike over on my way home.

Dont Apologise !!

A jokes a joke…but when it goes to far then so be it !!

I hate this kinda bollox…

i’d ave the hump aswell Afro, where was this at clapham ? can’t see any of the crowd that was there fookin bout like thatt to be truthful mate

I don’t know mate…And I agree that it was unlikely to have happened at Clapham.

Anyway, I gotta be up again at 5 so I’m off to bed.

Night all

I promise u buddy it wasn’t me…

That`s one thing i hate when people mess around thinking it is funny when it can cause some serous damage.

mate thats bulll****…

make you right what a f.cking tos.ser


dont know what i would do if i saw some idiot do that to my bike…

not something nice! prob involving helmet in face! >:|

Brainless Knob Jockey

Bollox mate thats just not on! Your bike is your pride and joy, its just not the done thing is it!!

A jokes a joke and a jerk is a jerk,hard to believe another biker would do something so dumb.hope the bike’s okay.we did park 2 miles from everyone else at clapham though.but it seemed quite quiet there.Thanks again for the R1test ride,not as exhilarating as riding the 91 cbr,but it was okayonly kidding!

damn - that’s really not funny. I hope your bike is ok hun.

i am shocked to hear this has happened as Ginger was not even there, cant see how it would have happened at the common as there was only us there,

i dont think any of the peeps that was there would do that, not good news

sorry to read of this afror1.
with you on this of course!.

this thread could of easily been different; meaning that it could of been a ‘rider down’ which involved afror1, possibly very fatal due to silly tricks like this which seems like a laugh to someone else!.

only some weeks ago, i arrested some stupid woman when she was caught during the early hours with a few tubes of super glue 3 heavily glueing her ex-boyfriends brake lever-so it wouldn’t operate !!!.


WTF !!!

Ginger, what have you done again?

Dont see much point in the post unless it happend at BM but there you go LBers dont do stuff like that to each other.

although i did roll up a news paper and stuff up Gingers exhaust then watched as he couldnt work out why it wouldnt saty running… But i did point put that the paper was hindering it eventualy…

hey afro sorry to hear that some twat decided that would be a funny idea, good to see you last night mate