Don't we need a week place to meet on Wednesday?

Ah right, so you wont be going to any more Newbie nights cos you don’t like hanging out there. :slight_smile:

On a personal note i have to travel quite some distance to get to BM. Since finding LB i have tried as often as possible to get along to the wednesday evening meet and enjoy it. I agree with most that in the cold and wet there is nowhere to sit and stay dry but the atmosphere is great and i like the idea of LB having it’s own venue. Yes the Ace is closer to me, but only just, and has all that we would need, but i have to agree that its not exclusive to LB. Plus the fact that a good few of us meet there on a friday night anyway.

I am more than happy to travel to a new venue if it should happen.

If i knew London better then i would be more than happy to scout for a new place, but seeing as i can get lost too easily its probably not the best idea.

that was the first one i’d been to and felt very unwelcome until chunky and gabs showed up so yea probably will avoid it:blink:


even im not so keen to go to borrough these days, its such a pain to get to and there are no coffee shops around now that the sausage man is closed…

+1 but again got no other ideas:)

Hardly surprising. If a certain person hadn’t been bad mouthing me to others because I had more important things to attend to rather than help organise a BBQ, then there would be no ill feelings. As it happens most of the ‘SV Massive’ so it seems suddenly had a mass strop with anyone else not in the clique.

I will not sit on here and have insults and comments made, then be all chatty with you or them face to face. If I don’t like you I wont pretend I do. :slight_smile:

LB is for EVERYONE and ANY bike, these little separate groups are dividing LB… if you want bike specific then go to a bike specific forum!

fair enough although i wasn’t the person bad mouthing you so i feel it was pretty odd for me to be segregated from the group when i was only coming up for a friendly chat. you even said it would be nice to see me there but i guess that was just you being sarcastic? The V-Twin thing was just a bit of fun as a lot of us were buying twins at the time. If i’ve done any thing to annoy you i can only apologize:kiss:

good to see you sorted that problem out, :slight_smile:

Ill go to wherever lets me in which limits my options :D:D

Tend to favour the Ace as its easier to get to and most times you go ya bump into someone from here, just wish they would speed up behind the counter !! :smiley:

Whilst it’s being renovatedhowever it will reopen…

And that’s likely to happen in less time than it will take to find a suitable alternative venue.

funny that cos we found a cafe nero in the market by the river last week right pukka place.

Cafe Nero and the hot choc is magic…

Chip shop is a small walk and the sausage man is back, even if it is a mobile unit but it still works.

BM works for me.

Im not sure what is with the other comments on this thread but lets all just play nicely together and continue the great group effort.

+1…I hardly ever go to BMM, its a pain to get to and in my opinion not a good place for a bike meet. Cant see us ever finding anywhere else in Central London that would accomodate us, the size that LB is getting.

The Ace is biker friendly, loads of parking…ok the foods bit sh*t, coffee’s not much better, but its warm and there’s space to have a stunt :D:)

PJ (30/09/2008)

.I am more than happy to travel to a new venue if it should happen.

quote]Great!! Willing to travel :smiley: I have already offered you lot the perfect new venue, which is only a battle through London Traffic, a ferry to France, a jaunt off road across five countries, a trek aver bandit infested mountains and a fight with the Taliban away.:cool:What’s wrong with that? Will meet you all tomorrow in Kabul Coffee house, Qala e Fatullah, Kabul (serves the best coffee in the city) where we can hang out in 20 degree sunshine and eat lamb kebabs with Nan.Better than the Ace - and you have me there to boot :):stuck_out_tongue:

But both of you can shut up for having taken the p1ss!
I’ve got none left!

(won’t bring that up again)

What areas would people suggest?

Is there a chain restaurant/ cafe etc that would be suitable (i.e. Caffe Nero)? If we could find one, then it might be easy to set up this ‘seasonal venue changing’ idea with their different venue (not that the venue is the only concern, but it’s a start).

I was looking at the “markets” as a start, Spitalfields, Covent Garden. They have the space and generally there is a Cafe near by.

Just a thought.

I seem to remember you chose where to sit and therefore segregated yourself :blink: I met people I have not met before and I am not the best mingler :wink:

Could be worse you could have been at a meet you set up and felt like that

Anyway in regard to BMM exclusive it may be but for me that positive is far outweighed by the negatives. If it was a better venue then I may make the effort with the journey. The Ace covers all the bases and even the food has improved of late. Why not get the exclusive room reserved for a Wednesday night over the Winter? :cool:

Top idea!
We can then formulate plans for the next venue etc!

how about a Maccy d’s somewhere…boot the chavs in their corsas out :D:D:D

time for my medication :slight_smile: