Dont want to be Batman? How about Wolverine?

so you dont wanna look like Batman ? ok why would you… he isnt as cool as

WOLVERINE!! :rolleyes:

more info from

Or this one ?


now you can also look like IronMan!! :ermm: :blink:

and dont forget your gloves & boots !! :w00t:

I swear… if I see any of you lot out there wearing this gear. I’ll kick you off your bike! :sick:

you sure you can take on AlexGold? :stuck_out_tongue:

lost for words

oh, I dunno :smiley:

The Ironman one is awful, but the Wolverine one (the black leather) looks pretty good actually.

thought the yellow n blou one be your cuppa tea kev :D:D:D

Elad might be interested in the Iron Man 2 outfit :smiley:

Wasnt too long ago that most every other biker referred to someone with propper gear on as a power ranger …

or am i not getting the point of this thread

universal designs are back and they now have not one but two Tron suits!


and womens:

if the whine lines glow in the dark it might be safer than normal balck leathers!

I’m laughing so hard I think I need to run to the loo!! That is truly awful!

+1 Who’d wear something like that?! :sick:

Why not get a TRON Motorbike to go with the suit?
Only $55,000

More info and video clip of bike in action here:

I don’t know about the Iron Man suite but the others look cool… and they seem to be well made so protection is first and on the bike they seriously don’t look bad. Not that much different than the suites we wear. Hey the Iron Man suite looks like Elad’s orange suite:P… but better me thinks.

They are also making a new Batman suit check their photos here on Facebook:!/pages/UD-Replicas-Universal-Designs-Ltd/320589805075?v=photos

haha that tron bike is hilarious. seen them try to turn the thing? brilliant

I think we’ve had a glimpse of Pan’s fantasy wardrobe…


+1 i thought so too. ironman just looks like a fancy dress outfit.

Well be fair apart from 'fro’s obsession with Mulholland drive, most American roads don’t actually have any corners, :hehe:

And it does turn like a dragster at Santa Pod…