Don't try this at home

These must sting a bit…

managed to get a few winces out the missus there:blink:


Ouch nasty :crazy:

Saw the second to last picture and being a girl just thought “ooh, looks nasty”. Then saw the last picture, realised what could be happening in the one before it, showed them both to bumblebee and made him cry lololol!!!

Ouch! That horn through the leg . . ! :pinch:

The second one creeps me out the most - a good few seconds of ‘oh, shizzle’…

Ok…feel sick now :sick:

Ok…feel sick now :sick:

oh wow! Awesome shots tho" Ther guys face in the first pic…priceless…

painful for all i reckon


Quite a few of the those I have seen before, but I was still wincing at them. <shudder>