Don't tell the wife

I’ve just hung up the leathers for the winter and dusted off the textiles for the first time in month.

After a superb ride out on my bike this morning I took my wife’s 5 month old CBR600RR out for a warm up.

Unbeknown to me, the right leg of my trouser had got caught in the guard by the footpeg. I was turning right with a stream of oncoming traffic and slowed towards a stop. As I was stopping I attempted to put my right leg out.

It is the strangest feeling to have your right leg seemingly tied to the bike. It is also the strangest feeling to be lying in the middle of the road just seconds later. :crying:

Thank heavens for Crash Bungs. I owe my wife a mirror and a new crash bung, oh, and an explanation when she returns this evening. :blush:


I hope she beats ya :smiley: You should know by now if you do things on the sly you will be found out… :stuck_out_tongue:

Nearly done this on the DRZ once. It’s quite a moment for sure :slight_smile:


Looks like an expencive meal is in order to say sorry:hehe:

oops yes my shoe lace got caught on my GT750 this year, didnt have me off but was very annoying…

dude…your F_ucked!!!


Oh Yes!

I hope she buys you some decent boots your trousers tuck into for a Chrissy Pressy…

Or probably not after this incident!