Dont stall on the grid

(top one starts at 0:40)

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Holy shit! Looks painful!

This one was from the V8 Supercars out here in Oz this year…

So what happened to the guy? looks like he was hit at least 60+mph?

after posting elsewhere, got this response

The start was always the worst part of the race, closely followed by turn 1. In supermoto the first transition onto the dirt section could also be pretty lairy.

If you never seen the startline crash that retired Scott Ru$$ell at daytona, well it’s not nice.

I have to ask the question, why would you want to watch that? I watched the first one, expecting something different, didn’t watch the other two :frowning:

that looked so painfull! jesus he got wacked so hard:crazy:

that was just nasty. glad the rider survived thought that would have been fatal


Poor reaction from the guy in black that clipped him?

have a look at it again… he was unsighted. the guys in front didnt move out of the way until last minute, he did the best he could… provbably a damn site quicker than us mere mortals could…

as said before, the start are the most dangerous part of racing, im surprised there isnt more like this… (glad though of course!)