Don't park around Russel Square! (another one)

I work near Russell Square and for a few weeks I have seen bikes on the floor around the square! Some ******* is having fun with us! I saw at least six bikes on the floor, this morning I took a photo with my mobile. Thank god I didn’t see the SOB doing it!





all you need eh?

thanks cezar.

IT WASN’T ME but you gotta see the funny side of things… (I hope)

That is so out of order… I hate parking in parking bays for that reason…

bl00dy sh1t bags…

That’s just not funny!

I blame it on the late licence

At least you found a bay with a parking space in it!! That photo must have been taken at 6am!


Which funny side would that be? The one where the last time it happened, I got a bill of £850 to repair the damage. Luckily I’m fully comp so could pass it on to the insurance company.

It’s just too dangerous parking in a public place, in London! I would strongly recommend anyone to find an alternative place to keep their bike. If you have some ingenuity, it’s not always that hard. This is terrible, bloody chavs!

There’s always space mate! But would you leave your baby there?

i think its cool…park up there and then go and get a coffee and a paper…then sit over the road with a crossbow and the dirty little scrote would not even hear it coming…


It was 9:30 , in one of the bike bays at Russel Square! This is the bike number 8 I witness on the floor!





Ok Cezar, you should become a parking vigilante.

I’d see Joey about that crossbow, and get to it. This kinda stuff is mental and the scote responsible needs sorting out.

Just make sure you’ve had your breakfast so you’re not 'ungry () before you start dolling out justice, LB stylee.

lol, Thanks for your ‘kind’ way of pull my ear…

That’s the way I feel like!


Are you sure parking your bike on its side is not a new trend LB are missing out on or there wasn’t just a very very strong wind???

(P.S. After 8 bikes it’s not funny, i’ve stopped laughing, and promise to strangle any one caught doing something like that)