Don't mess with the County Mounties..



172 in a 70, eh?

What…does he thinks he’s an American or something?! I thought we had the corner on the market of mayhem on public roadways. :crazy:

I think a few of us could be doing bird if the wrong people saw…

No idea at all what you’re talking about, mate…whistling

That’s a little bit fast:) I assume from the other charge that it wasn’t his car then?

That’s a rather sobering thought actually Jay, I’m kinda glad the bad weather is on it’s way, it should rather curb our enthusiasm somewhat… :wink:

I’m guessing as he worked for a car lease company that he ‘borrowed’ the car from work for a little spin and ended up getting 10 weeks inside…just remembered that the next time you ‘borrow’ all those office paper clips!! :smiley:

Well someone has got to hold the record, was it 156mph before ?

The ‘Aggravated TWOC’ was dropped by CPS as it was a bit on the ‘Domestic’ side (dispute as opposed to theft or the like)

But yes, it is a sobering thought what can get you in clink…

So I shouldn’t admit to my 159mph (not on UK road gov)?!? :Whistling: