Just found these pics from France couple of years back, over the edge of these rubbish barriers was a nice tumble off the cliffs into the valley below

Didn’t really think about it at the time, I think I will this time round

These were shot in the alps on a disposable camera, notice the tankbag nicely hindering movement





That’s pretty nifty, looks like a nice road Wigs!

I remeber that scary drop feling when I went touring in France. Just dont look down

I´m out here in Spain at the moment and the roads are just like it… I´m stuck in a little bloody Fiesta and on a Saturday around here the bikers go made witht he sweeping roads… nice to see them all leathered up i must say…

Where are you in Spain? I see barely anyone in leathers…

Sweet shots wiggetta do R&G parachutes