Dont let other people clean your bike

You know those guys in the carpark’s at the weekend that do your car for £5, well while at the Ace on Friday,
my mate turns up on his zx6, turns out while he was working they came round and he payed them to give it a jet wash etc.

yep, that’s a nice helping of slippery tyre dressing on the edge, if he could get his knee down, he’d be off.

You’d think that if they come to the Ace, they’d have had people shouting at them the first time they ever did that… :crazy: Are they regulars?

Read it again, a bit more slowly :P;)

In my defence, I hadn’t yet had a cup of coffee.



I always get my bike done at the hand car wash but I supervise so they dont start polishing the seat, tyres, brakes etc.

i couldnt belive that!!

lucky boy!

this is why I clean my bike myself by hand. that and the fact I like taht feeling you get after going all OCD and cleaning everything

FFS :w00t::w00t::w00t:

I suppose it’s testament to this guys obvious skill ( or rather " Lack of " ) that he has not been sliding down the road on his arse by now with that little lot smeared over his rear tyre :w00t:

I thought I read somewhere that tyre shine isnt actually slippery when it dries? Not sure I would take the chance if it were mine though.

Theres a lot of truth in the old saying "If you want something doing properly…:wink:

Jet washing a bike is not to be recomended especially, wheel hubs, chains and suspension linkages:hehe:


I wouldn’t even trust that the chamois leathers haven’t got grit in them. I’ve seen them throw the leathers at each other before now! :unsure:

I got mine done at a Sainsburys carpark to find one of them was putting that stuff on my bike. In my experience I said i dont want it as its slippery stuff. He said it wasnt and after he applied it i was amazed at how sticky my tyre becase i was trying to get my KD a short while after!

depends on the stuff they use I guess

i was there and that was defo not from teh tyre itsself, it was liek WD40…oily…wierd…he defo didnt pick it up off the roundabout or anything.

Pictures don’t work :unsure:

i can see them?

Hmmm…So can I now :laugh:

I let the Lithuanians put that stuff on my tyres, obviously makes no odds to 3 wheels, but what bugs me is that when they do the front, they miss out the bit where the forks go. Just looks silly after that.

Neither do the drugs…:slight_smile:

I’ve used places like this before but as has been said earlier I too keep an eye on what’s being done.

I also tend not to clean my bike that often but that’s another story… :slight_smile: