don't laugh

dont suppose anyone on here fancies giving me a lift there and back:w00t:

wasp will be cadging her normal lift of marta, but Id like to get down there too, and I doubt wasp’s hornet will be ready for a few more weeks/months:angry:

for those that know me, Im a tall lanky git, so probably no good on a sports bike, but if anyone has a spare spot on a muscle bike/sit up give us a shout, dont mind putting in the go go juice:D

Let’s be honest Rat, you far too tall to be going pillion.

your right kaos, as it happens, a very kind mate of wasp’s has offered to lend me a bike:Whistling:

if you ever need FREE pest control, gimme a shout:D

I smell a rat… Will kaos not actually be Kaos on Sunday…:hehe:

Ive got some good gear for getting rid of nasty niff’s:laugh: