Don't know why I find this so cool, but I do...

Sheep and LEDs

Poor sheep - no counting themselves to go to sleep that night:)

haha strange but pretty cool

Cool… but far to much time on their hands!!:stuck_out_tongue:

lol quality

haha, who’d have thought those blokes could get so much fun out of some sheep. Pretty cool though

Safer not to ask questions about men having fun with sheep on here- you might find out more than you wanted to:D

That was pretty darn amazing. Mega-points on the game of pong.

I was a bit concerned when I saw Ian’s first post ‘sheep and LED’s’ but that is pretty cool really, although I have to agree those guys have far too much time on their hands!! lol :smiley:

A great laugh!

But, as I’m a miserable git, Baaaaaaaah Humbug!


That’s extraordinary. :slight_smile:

Very clever.