Don't know if this has been posted before

Japanese survey reveals 70% of male bikers have trouble getting ‘wood’ - and we don’t mean for the campfire

Which leaves the rest of us (30%) to clear up! :w00t:

Funnily enough I have noticed a dropping off of performance in this area since I started riding a 1000 cc V-twin about four years ago - which vibrates A LOT. . .

It got written off last month and i’ll be replacing it with an in-line four - I wonder if this will improve the situation? :crazy:

Is this like “white finger”? :w00t:

I love the last line! :smiley:

“Smoking and alcohol are also known causes of impotence, which coupled with today’s findings, makes the late Barry Sheene’s antics even more admirable.”

No problems here(it’s like a baguette).:smiley:

Wouldn’t worry about this. They’ve said the same about cyclists and I’ve been cycle racing for decades and it’s likes an iron rod still.

Ignore it. 1 the test consisted of 230 people… hardly a representative selection.

2 the test was conducted by Aussies… hardly a good way to start a serious bit of research

3 don’t forget the soya factor. It may not be common knowledge in the UK yet, but SOYA makes men impotent and infertile. This isn’t a scare story, I work in this field. Soya is high in oestrogen reducing fertility and testosterone, making getting wood harder and the quality of the sperm lower (in laymen’s terms). The Japanese eat a LOT of soya products.

So, macho Aussies do a substandard sscientific test on a race of small men who eat a lot of food that blocks the impacts of testosterone on the libido…

Personally I’d rather ride my bike than take that seriously, and when I get home, I’m going to give my wife a really goood hard seeing to with my more than adequate beam of English Oak! :smiley:

will have to agree with mr.kenobi on 1,2 and 3

but whats that bit about detached retina’s due to vibrations… now that freaky…
is there any truth to it?

I think that is bulls**t! Why? Everytime I ride my bike I get a boner.:w00t::smiley:

And i thought it was the cold weather ! :w00t:

Yes I remember an incident on my old D600 when I slid against the plastic fuel tank, rode through Peterbourgh with a monumental boner:hehe:. Not managed to achieve it on the Sprint (not that I’ve tried :Whistling:) and the D675 has a steel tank.

Back of my tank has a permanent dent in it:D

That’ll be from you lucky conker.

Sorry Oldguy, it took more than a conker to make that huge dent:)

That’ll be the lamb then?

Herdwick? Baaaahh humbug.:slight_smile: