Don't join the 'Stolen' thread! Get one of these

Looks decent for £20! I’m gonna try one… Let you know what it’s like.

Errrr, sorry to say, but it looks utterly useless. It connects via bluetooth, so once you go more than 50 feet away it’ll lose connection. After that, you are dependent on another person using one to be within 50 feet of your bike - which is too hit or miss for me!

Sounds brilliant. Crowd tracking. If this picks up it could be monumental. I’m getting one just to have a play at that price.

Good luck to them.

Not perfect. I certainly don’t have Bluetooth on at all times. But I do WiFi.

They’ve got the right idea. But not convinced of the implementation. So let’s try…

Ordered. Let’s see.

So does this need someone else using the app for it to be tracked or does it just piggyback on people’s bluetooth/ wifi being enabled?

The only way I could see this working is if it came installed on all smartphones by default. And even then thieves could just put it in a remote lockup in a quiet area.

UPDATE – from the link above…
Now you can buy 2 units and get 1 free. Offer ends on Thursday 10th March 2016

Phones would have to have their app. Can you imagine an anonymous Bluetooth cloud network across the world =D

“When another user of the TrackR app comes within 100ft range of your lost item, you will receive a GPS update of where your item is.”

No doubt the app recognised their BT signature.

It’s beta testing for them at this stage. Maybe they are trying for a buyout from someone ubiquitous like Google or Facebook.

I highly doubt this will be any good as you will need thousands of users for it to work, without a user network its useless unless you are within BT range of it.

if a scrot has the app installed on his phone he could work out there is a tracker fitted & disable it

roll of tin foil should do the trick

We’re liking the idea of time foil,  can we have two rolls please?

The gadget is a bit too advanced for our main phone though :frowning: