++++++ Dont forget about Sunday +++++++

The rideout for Ali is this Sunday so dont forget.

For those i havent collected the donation from, please bring it with you on Sunday.

For those leaving from Ace, arrange a meeting time and a list of who’s leaving from Ace.

Who’s leaving from ace, put your name down.

Im gonna meet you all at SB.

Lets have a good turnout and a good day out.

Cheers Sam.

Snap soz for thinking you was a bird, i couldnt find the pic in the gallery that led me to think that, listen working this weekend but im gonna try and come… if i do ill be going from the ace

I was looking for tha pic you were telling me about. Would be good if you could make it.

Anyone else going from ace? If so please arrange a meeting time.

think its for an 8:30 departure

Good stuff.

Anyone wanting to come along and join in is more than welcome. Put your names down.

Will be meeting weaver and co with Karen at brookfield then onto the SB. Pegs will be down!