dont click the link

well can you resist

dont do it

no i mean it dont

oh your going to i can tell

dont click me

Nice link :stuck_out_tongue:

Bet you were glad to see that again :hehe::smiley:

ooh, you bu**er, that made my Mac crash :frowning:
It obviously doesn’t feel the love!

LMAO a Mac crashing instead of a PC ;):P:D

My mac was digging the rich asley hehehe :smiley:

Me not so much :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice link

One of them [ctrl][alt][del] moments;):smiley:

You bugger the only way to stop it was to restart my PC.

Splendid isn’t it :w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

Well done. Just keep clicking ok, keep your finger on return and it takes you to Goolgle then you can close it.:slight_smile: