Don't buy Oxford Products

I tend to think of myself as being fairly competent with a spanner so sticking a self adhesive tank paed on should be dead easy. Picture this bright shiny painted tank missing only the protection at the back.

Went to Lloyd coopers to pick up new air filter and there on the rack was exactly the sort of tank protector I wanted/ It was a rubber spine shaped protector, all I could hope for. Then I saw who made it and my heart sank, I had taken an oath never to use this companies c**p again after the heated handle bar grips fiasco.

Alas, my inner childa had gone into want mode and it was too late. Not even the sage advise from Jo saying “You’ll regret it” could dissuade me from the purchase, I beleive I even mumbled something about taking a soldering iron to the name on the protector.

So I cleaned appliaction area on tank with meths, dried it off with kitchen towel, peeled the backing off the pad and stuck it down. Not seconds had passed when it began peeling off. At this point Jo did say “I told you so” and I becam appoplectic with rage.

I peeled the glue off and noticed that it didn’t even want to stick to the back of the pad. The whole pad seems to have been sprayed with some sort of silicone lubricant and thus resist’s any attempt at adhesion.

My last hope of getting this pad on my tank will be contact adhesive. I am not happy. My inner child has taken a spanking and has been sent to its room and I have now vowed to listen to Jo who clearly think with her head in theses matters and is not like me, who is led by thier inner child.

I am off to woolworths now for the contact adhesive, watch this space…

Interesting… Let me know the following on this situation dan

OMG I have had a nightmare with the backing to this rubber tank protector, its as slippery as a politician who has been caught getting oil from Iraq. the greasy surface refuses to stick to my tank used evo stick contact adhesive and it didn’t want to play.

I am gonna bin this and start again, Motrax will get my custom and oxford will get tank pad and a jar of vaseline, previous experience dictates this is all they will understand.

Not if you but the same style they wont…nobody can get those ‘vulcan’s forehead’ style rubber tank pads to stick! The Oxford traditional style are fine, better than the Motrax ones anyway ohh and cheaper too

I could be a real trekkie and state its knlingon not vulcan, but given the rubber connection feel its a fair point, Re applied today with carpet adhesive, hopefully this will sort it albeit with this heat it may not take properly, watch this space…

Fitted my rubber one just before the St Georges Day ride and its stuck fine

Well, so far anyway…

Why not just dump it in the bin, and go get a original tank pad Yam, suzuki, Kwak etc the one I put on a few weeks ago stuck so well im glad it was straight first time

Oxford bags good (lots of trips with silver panniers and they still impress me).

Accessories so-so

Locks pants.