Dont Bother Trying to Pet this Psychotic Cat

Now i know why i like dogs more than dumb angry cats hehe

I used to have a rescue cat that was way worse than that. Soon got it settled with me, but anyone else, forget it. It was called TAZ for a reason

Cats suck. They’re dumb, arrogant, inconsiderate, selfish, boring, and self-absorbed.

Dogs have character and are friendly. Who wants to pamper an ego…that’s liek despearately trying to save a relationship with someone who doesn’t love you any more…classic sado masochistic behaviour…

They’re for people who feel they need to work hard for someone else’s love, but don’t deserve to be loved in return…I DESERVE love, give me a friendly mutt over a snotty tabby any day!

Right said Toby. Dogs rules