Don't be a bystander

Following on from a thread where dancostin1990 binned it and nobody helped–lewisham-motorbikes-and-cars#bm1098193

This is an example of the bystander effect:

I suspect most of us are pretty good at being unconventional, so next time you’re in doubt about something, remember there are psychological factors at play and you can chose to ignore them.

Probably doesn’t apply to speed limits though!

well said Martin.

At first glance the first video looks like a drug user outside a station. That’s probably why people are not intervening.

So just came back and caught the audio, so it was filmed outside Liverpool Street station, so yes, most likely people think it is a crack addict on the floor so don’t want to get involved. I’ve alerted station staff before at High Street Kensington because person was so intoxicated they were a danger to themselves but I didn’t intervene directly.

The station staff took one look at him and called the police. Not everything is as straightforward as it seems, especially in a big city.

Quite right Joby, at least you did something if not directly. Video chap was there 20 minutes. It would have taken 30 seconds to find a copper in LSS and send them over.

If you think someone’s on crack or scamming, then a quick “do you need a doctor or a policeman” is enough to clear up any confusion. Making sure that people who are paid to deal with this are getting involved leaves you with a clear conscience for the day, without taking any ownership for someone’s welfare.