Great day, Rossi done what he does best.

First time at Donnington and first time seen GP at a circuit. The sound was awesome as was being within 50 feet of the riders through the coppice.

Getting out was a nightmare eveing after waiting a good hour after the 125 cc had finished. Bike got so hot the chassis kept burning my legs. Some VFR (i think) rider had his bike burst in flames up the road.

Can Rossi do it? Well in one race he has made up 15 pts so someone stick a spanner in hayden’s engine each race and we will be ok!

That looked to be a fantastic day - the weather and how tense was the fight for second. Amazing!

You gotta love it and it’s miles better than F1…

Wicked day although was a lot cooler watching it on the tele with a fan blowing on me

I feel a bit sorry for Little Danny.

He hands the best riders in the world their collective arses on a plate, and everyone still talks about Rossi!

I’ve had bigger chunks of sweetcorn in my crap than pedrosa - they need to balance up the weight issue as its stupid at the moment.

in f1 they have to meet certain weight limits and thats on something weight .6 of a tonne. weighing less than a wet fart gives him a massive advantage in the dry on a machine that weighs 150kgs. to be fair, Rossi was lapping quicker than him in the end with a broken wrist

and have you heard him talk at the press conference afterwards. goddamn he’s boring. Morose little midget. Rossi is at least pleased that he pulled out a 2nd place.

haha glad I’m not the only one who thought that!

Blimey - some great pics so far - and the ones of the bikes are great too! - just kidding - can’t wait to see the in race ones…

Must say, i agree, Pedrosa did the biz but Rossi gets the attention…is it me, or do them two not see eye to eye? Pedrosa looked a bit peed off with Rossi…

I thought the burnout in the parc firme was a nice touch!!!

Pedrosa is always a moody looking thing. I also agree with the weight issues surrounding MotoGP, there is such an advantage being 6 stone nothing… make them all a certain weight like in F1 and horse racing

that look of disgust by pedrosa was funny as you like when rossi burnt the rubber. go RROOOSSSSIII!

can appreciate the prob tho - if they make the bike heavier then he has to be effectively much stronger than his rivals and making his suit weigh an extra 10kgs is problematic!

i reckon just forcefeed him pies!

should be the like the fairground - you’re too small you cant go on!