donnington sat.......... anyone going?

im doing donnington on sat, im starting off in the slow group as its the first time back since the accident, looking forward to having a day on track!!


Nothing like getting back in the saddle top marks…damn all these days I am missing out on!! Too skint at the mo :frowning:

I’m there Sat and Sun - then off to China on Monday.

Last time I rode there was 2000. Fast group, I’ve got 2 days so I’ll have time to get up to speed.

mate this thing still may be the end of me and road bikes, we will have to wait and see!

I’ll be there with J!


cool, pete/abby i will keep an eye out for yeah, as this is my first time back since my smash i ask to start in slow but im hoping to move up to inters after 1/2 sessions once i have my mojo back!

Lets hope it stays dry!

good luck mate, I’m there on Sunday! hope everything goes well! take it easy and I’m sure you’ll be fine!

see you at silverstone!

hi guys,

Which company is running this?

Im interested in a last minute blast if theres space!

its been and gone mate!

After the post i realised this! Tried to delete it but it didnt work…

Got a nice day at Rockingham instead!

ha ha, never mind, at least you got track time anyway!