Donnington Moto Gp

Hi all,

So i just got my tickets through and wondered who else was going (riding up) and was there any kind of meeting organised. Did a search on this section and couldnt find anything obvious.

If not anyone know a good non motorway route (if weather is nice)?

Also whats the deal with the GP, I have never been (very excited) and was wondering do most people go leathered up and in that case if its hot isnt it just baking…is there a place to store gear etc…

Thanks Guys


BUMP anyone going at all???

Giving it a miss this year, going to watch my dad race instead as the tickets are free :wink:

Enjoy :cool:

I’m thinking about going - but not sure yet, its going to depend on the weather…I’m half thinking that I’d like to be out riding and will just stop off to watch the gp on the tele somewhere!

I’m stuck - too many things that I want to do this weekend… :slight_smile:

where does your dad race grim? what racing is it?


Me n mate are going up to me Dad’s on Sat, about 45 miles away, riding down to track on Sunday am, then back down to London after racing.

PM me your mobile n we can talk.

Ahhh, thats put an idea in my head… could crash at my sisters gaff in grantham, thats only about 40 miles away… hmmm, now what to do!!! ohhhhh, someone make up my mind for me!

He races all over but this weekend is at Mallory with the Vintage Club on a Velocette.He races a Dresda Triumph and a Manx Norton too :cool:

Nice one Anil. You’ll love it :slight_smile:

Don’t be one of the throng of people slogging around half in leathers and the other half under their arms or tied to their back. Go as casual as you can and enjoy the event. Perhaps find someone you can leave gear with, i.e. someone camping there.

We’ll be there, so look out for us/give us a shout.

Also, all our coverage will be on this special page:

For anyone else, I’d strongly recommend going, there’s nothing quite like MotoGP! The noise, the smell of the two strokes, the atmosphere, the racing, it’s all incredible!

im afraid i might not have much of a choice as ill be riding up from london…

I was going but a couple of probs ave arisen so I cant make it, will be on the BCR (probably) and back in time to see on TV

GO JT!!!

Where you goiing to be Jay?

Any chance of meeting up, or you busy whole day?

I’ll be leaving Slough with Kev on saturday morning @ about 8, Not too sure what route we’ll be taking though.