Donnington in July

I’m planning a visit with my step-dad and little brother. Anyone else going along?

I’m going for the weekend, may see you there… I’ll be the rather drunk person swaying around near the track! :smiley:

Me abd Joolsy’ll be going up on the thursday and striking camp on monday.
We’ll be camping in a group with my sis and her wife and a load of mates from the six fingered state :slight_smile:
Gotta make the most of the last year of Donny …if you’ve not been before, the campsite is proper fun (although not like it used to be years ago when you could take bikes on the campsite)

I’m going!

I’ll be riding up on the Saturday morning and coming back to town on Monday.

I’m going :slight_smile:
Heading up on Friday night and will be camping till Monday I think
Got another friend, not on the forum, who is going to be camping too!
Looking forward to it

I’m taking my youngest daughter and it will be her first GP.

dont you just love the way when they put “world” in front of an event the price doubles :wink:

will wait for BSB at silverstone more action and usually free pitlane access etc, and yup im a tightwad :smiley:

We ain’t going now - shame, because I hate to miss it but it’s just too costly for the weekend.
Tickets are bad enough, but by the time you figure in food and booze for 4 days it turns into a proper expensive weekend and at the moment the cash isn’t there…
Gonna go to my sister’s place in sarfend for the weekend instead - it’s her birthday on raceday, so we’ll be drunk by lunchtime watching all the action on tv :slight_smile:

OssiWHU and me are going - usually get a seat in Grandstand but intend finding another spot this year. Any suggestions for best place?

Down by Starkeys bridge is my faveourite spot - good views and you can usually see a big screen too.Toilets, beer and burgers are all close by

Cheers - will get in early and pitch up the tent there.

I’m heading up there early Sunday morning, my first time to Donington by bike!

I’ve got a friend riding over from Belgium on Saturday eve, then we ride up together on Sunday.

Can’t wait!

The weather is looking good people!!! :smiley:
I can deal with 23 degrees on Sunday