Donnington GP - Friday 19th August

It’s been mentioned elsewhere, that a few members have signed up to this, so I thought I’d start a new thread so we can follow the build-up I can’t wait, this will be my first time there personally. There’s four places remaining in the fast group, I don’t see them lasting long, so if you want in, book it now! This is a noisy day (105db limit).

I’ve since heard that this is fast filling up, and that online bookings aren’t a guarantee of a placement. I’ve confirmed my online booking though. Best to ring them up if you want to come along, and say the website says there’s X-amount left.

So far, B and me are booked, with Cezar on the waiting list (not sure how that works, considering B rang up this morning, Cezar! Sort it out!).

im going

I’m going. Will be in the novice group. This is the weather forecast for tomorrow.

Weather for Tomorrow in DE24

Location InformationLocation : DE24Lat : 52.89NLon : -1.451WSunrise : 5:50 BSTSunset : 20:27 BST

DayTimeTempRealFeelRainIntensityCloudDirSpeedWeatherFri0:0014 °c21 °c10.3 mmV Heavy100 %9 mphFri3:0013 °c13 °c6.5 mmTorrential100 %9 mphFri6:0012 °c13 °c9 mmV Heavy100 %7 mphFri9:0015 °c15 °c0.1 mmV Light100 %9 mphFri12:0019 °c21 °c0.1 mmV Light83 %9 mphFri15:0019 °c22 °c1.1 mmLight19 %10 mphFri18:0019 °c22 °c2.4 mmLight31 %8 mphFri21:0012 °c16 °c0.1 mmV Light8 %7 mph

jay when is it? can you book me a place and il cash you up? im back sat morning… i ****ing love donnigton!!! was my first track day!!!

scrub that jay, just seen its friday…


Was good to meet Kenny Ken, I didn’t see his posts and was the first I knew was when I had a friendly tug at the briefing! You looked like you were getting on fine Ken, and I got some snaps of you down the straight, but to be honest, I think Fresh Orange, the pro photographers will have got some better ones. I’ll process them soon. I’m shattered now and am going to bed…

Amazing day, too much to take in, such a complex circuit. I think I managed to focus on one corner during the entire day, but got into a nice rhythm elsewhere.


Didnt realise you were going, I thought I saw you and came looking in the afternoon to say hello. I was in the Novice group aswell and feckin loved it, such a nice circuit.

Just waiting for Fresh Orange to put the pics up now.


Jay - was this you?

Linky does work the cox man.

Link doesn’t work, but probably, there were only a couple of B/W K5’s out there in the adv group.

Pictures from the day are up at (didn’t use the camera a huge amount):

Cheers Snap, I’ll try again

Jay - Is this you?



Yes Coxy! That was the first or second session by the look of the clear-visor, tip-toeing my way around, didn’t know where to go! hehehe… Check out the gallery linked above.

Cool, know what you mean…

That’s me behind on the red and black ZX6R

You were flying by the afternoon though!!!

Ah Coxy! If I’d have known, I would have come and said hello! Bugger. I was really impressed with the circuit as the day went on, though can’t wait to get back there and learn more, I found it really hard to get up to pace there.

Glad you enjoyed it Jay. Do you really think the facilities are bad? They’re on a par with Brands and Silverstone IMO. Anyway, do you know they’re knocking the garages down and rebuilding them (starting next month I think)?

Anyway, I love Donington. It’s by far my favourite track. Redgate is excellent (when there’s no oil on it! :crazy and the Craner Curves are superb once you have the confidence and the correct line to fly through it. Copice is probably my favourite double apex corner in the country and when you get it back on (tipping in before you can even see the corner!) it’s a good feeling. Can’t wait to get back there, probably next year now.