Donnington 3rd June 2014 (Ron Haslam Race School)

I’m booked in for the Ron Haslam Race School on 3rd June this year (My Birthday) It is £295 all in and that includes use of Race Prepped CBR600RR’s, Leathers, Boots, Gloves & Helmet, Insurance (Including personal accident cover)

Can’t wait as only ever done a couple of track days before and that was on my bike and didn’t want to take it to the limit, on these bikes with all there gear i can really test my skills as it won’t be as bad if i bin it cos its not my property getting ruined! :slight_smile: (not that i plan on binning it!!)

Good effort, man! Enjoy it! I’m sure you’ll learn loads there. Apparently Rocket Ron’s school is excellent

I’ve been told it is one of the best race schools in the UK, Hopefully the man is there himself and he lets me go round Donny on the back of his Bike! lol

Also i Love Donnington Park, one of my all time favorite tracks, especially the Esses and Craner curve. and i love the Old School Dunlop Bridge. I used to love going to the GP’s when it was at Donnington.

I was going to do the Chris Walker Race school @ Brands but it was £495 and it’s only the Indy circuit not the Full GP circuit whereas Donny is the Full GP Circuit. so it was a no brainer really.

Wow, I’m surprised by Stalker’s prices! They’re crazy! :w00t:

That will be the cost to hire the Brands Hatch circuit not anything to do with Walkers prices. Anything to do with Brands is almost twice as expensive as anywhere else in the country.

I’m sure of that; it just doesn’t seem feasible. Most of the prices seem pretty high on his site, which is a shame. I think Danny Buchan is going to instruct with him this year

Don’t quote me but I think the stalkers is an all day event whereas Ron haslam does 3 a day.

I know Danie has been to the Chris Walker day along with CSS and the Ron Haslam school and she found the help and input at the Walker day the best of all. I went to watch when it was held at Mallory and the instructors were all BSB and Supersport riders. Buchan, Mason, Westmoreland, Mackenzie, McConnell, Cooper, Hickman and many more. Using the current ZX6.

Shame the prices have gone up by the sounds of it.

My sentiments exactly, PJ! I was looking at this at the start of last year because I thought (with my personality) I’d get the most from Stalkers school and the prices werent this high… I’m actually genuinely sad :frowning:

Well. Only 10 Days to go till my Track Day. Really Looking forward to it.

As the actual day is My Birthday i was going to try and get a Little Birthday “Present” from them. Would it be taking the P1ss if i emailed them and asked them if Ron was going to be there could he take me out on the back of a Bike as a little Gift?

What else could i ask them for if that isn’t an Option?

I reckon keeping the track bike would be a pretty cool gift :slight_smile: they’ve got a few to spare.

Lol. I may try that one :slight_smile:

Give us an update on how you found it. The BF wants to get me something similar for my birthday / Crimbo present and your feedback would be really useful :slight_smile:

Of course. No problem at all. I will be taking loads of Pictures too so i’ll post them up as and when I can

good luck to you tomorrow

Just read this… im booked in for today aswell :slight_smile:

What time you booked in for? I’m on the 1pm session.

Im in at 8am

A full report on the days events is now mandatory

Cool, dry that track out for me!