Donnington 29-8-11 Bank holiday Monday

booked this with focused events anyone else doing it ?

Would love to Steve, but bit short at the mo, might be a bit full of knobbers as its a bank holiday.

How’s it going anyway? Well i hope?

am doing silverstone GP that day, also with FE

Might pop up and say Hi Leon as its just up the road, if the misses hasnt got me doing something

couldn’t afford Silverstone :slight_smile: that why I went for Donnington either way if weather holds will be good fun, alls well here Paul have to catch up on a rideout soon

Oh yeh it will be wicked, have a fantastic time Steve, off to the USA next week, but will give you a shout after for a ride :slight_smile:

I did Donnington on Saturday with No Limits and it was great. Looking forward to going back but not around this weekend and I am not keen on FE at all.

I had some issues with turn one, one lap my line was perfect and the next I would run wide. Eventually figured out (…ie Mike told me ten times) that I was turning too early especially when I got faster which only made the situation worse.
I am sure you will have a great time
Hopefully you wont have idiots who keep braking down like we did!

cheers mate only done one trackday before that was with FE and had no probs at all was a well run event and good crack, mind you there was half a dozen or so from here doing it as well,

Enjoy the States Paul whereabouts you going n you gonna hire a David Hardley can ? :D…prolly have more poke than ya trumpet :stuck_out_tongue:

There is no way I am getting on one of those Harleys! YUK!!

donnington is good fun enjoy those craner curves, hope the rain keeps away for you…

Hope you had a good day Steve and no incidents!

couldn’t go mate had huge tooth absess come up friggin agony aint been able to get lid on for a week

ouch! Hope you get better soon!

Absess is supposed to be worse than child birth. So I’ve heard.