DONLONDON Sheene tribute

Finally made some progress on this project.

Got the Busa swingarm in without to much trouble.

Got an RG500 seat unit to fix on, some Speed triple front forks - still not to sure what kind of mini fairing to use??? May have to get the fibreglass out and start moulding.

Definitely gonna be a daylight mot only. :smiley:

wot sort of fairing you looking for m8?

you gonna run clipons?

if you take them crash bars off let me have em? :smiley:

It only came with one, but your welcome to it.

Yep, I’ve got some clipons - 45mm from an old TL.

I want to mimic the rg500 front end, or even the tr750. I’ve seen a tr front top fairing so I may grab one of those - anc carve it up.

dude you got or will you have b12 bottom yoke and stem? or just stem?

I’ve got a spare stem, and I’m getting some yokes made up - nothing to special as they’ll be under a fairing. I’ll probably get the tr750 fairing and carve it up, make it in to more of a mini type fairing.

lordy! me its been a long time since I’ve posted anything. Still, some progress made this weekend. Made up the subframe and welded it on, sent off for some brackets to be made up for the firebolt headlight, waiting on some yokes so I can putt the daytona forks on. Also got a belly pan being moulded that should arrive shortly. I’ve got most of the ingredients so It should come together pretty quickly.

ive got some slingshot bits if you need owt tel…;).


Watching with interest.

you got a spare front fairing?

any more updates on this??

Hello pal.

I’m waiting on engineers to make up my yokes, and other brackets. To be honest - there ain’t a great deal left to do build wise. I need to save a bit more dough for the powdercoat and paint job. So looking to finish it after Christmas. :smiley:

i like this

but last time we spoke you said you were skint:w00t:

Still feelin’ the pinch - but getting everything that costs nothing done. Sort of scraped enough together for a powdercoat and paint job. So nearly there. Been working on the beamer tho’ so this has been shelved for a bit.

Been ******* about with colour schemes.

not sure about the tail section., needs bigger bands of red/black/yellow, too much white.

I like it :cool:

The actual sketch on the seat unit is about an inch from each side so it’ll be fatter than the illustration. :slight_smile: The powder coat quote was about £350 for the frame, wheels, swingarm, brackets, and engine covers. I’m still waiting on a quote for the paint.

Very true CR - needs to be in proportion with the paintjob on the tank;):slight_smile:

meant to look like this but follow the lines of the tank.