Donington tomorrow

So, who’s going to be around Coppice tomorrow?


I’m flying solo, so it’d be great to hook up with some fellow LBers!

PM me if you’re interested and I’ll give you my number…

would luv to but im movin tomorro:w00t::wink:

Ooooh, best of luck with it!

Godspeed! :slight_smile:

Cooltempo will be larging it up there!

damn sorry just saw this. Great racing today with a few eventful moments - ducati team got it so wrong! Managed to get shown round Moto GP production suite and saw the camera set ups on the bikes.

Glad I didn’t ride up though raining like you wouldn’t believe, guys who did you have my sympathy!

It was a cracking race, wasn’t it! Some real surprises. I ended up staying in the tent on the infield at Redgate - at least there was an awning outside.

I got absolutely soaked on my way out, so I’ve booked an impromptu night in an hotel in Derby. I think I deserve a few pints and a read of the paper after that biblical downpour!

Sorry we didn’t get to catch up, dude…