Donington - Sat 12th August...

Anyone fancy this:

Never been to Donington, would love to go this year - this is on the national cicuit so you miss a small section of the track, but 135 - seems a bargain to me…

Awesome circuit, I love it. My favourite UK track. Definately better with the Melbourne Loop though. For all those budding track riders, this place has it all, thats why they hold Moto GP there and Valentino considers it his 2nd home GP!

Even missing out the Melbourne Loop, it’s a fab circuit, go! I love it!

That’s a very interesting link!

Given that I’m planning on racing at Donington in the Ducati Desmodue series ( on August 13th, on a New Era run race weekend (, I wonder how this August 12th track day is going to work… all very curious.

98db… baffle in joby. id like to do this but feel the need to do silverstone or brands again, just to get to know one track a bit better.

Who would be up for silverstone again in the mid of next month?

theres dawn till dusk again

145 quid with our tenner off.


139 quid?

im well up for it

Hi Adam,

I’m well up for the dawn till dusk date, can’t make the other date thou.

Shall we book? - I think it needs 10 of us to qualify for the discount, Focus owe me 7.50 so I’ll get that off anyway…

Really ? I must say I much prefer the national circuit, it just seems to flow more naturally.

If you look at the New Era link, the Aug 13th event is listed as a one day event, no mention of a weekend, which the other weekend events do.

In that case it may be a good trackday to get on for some practice.

The New Era meet is a one day only at Donnington. Matt from here will be riding in the 400 class.

Now i’m seriously tempted… 98db… would I get away with that on mine Chuff…?

Somehow dont think so mate. You could shove some wire wool down the pipe, that would quieten it up, or, just dont yank it too hard as you go past the control tower, thats where they usually check the noise from. I have witneesed a Buell up there, it shattered one of the windows in the Tower!

Ill be there on the 15th August with Focused on the GP circuit. £150, Try and get there guys, ill be surprised if you dont love the place. Its probably my favourite track.

Donington have them at various locations around the track “apparently”.

In fairness, I was there on a quiet day once and they were pulling bikes in and sending them to get DB Killers fitted. Surely this is going to screw with the bike’s setup though…

It will make a difference to the bike, especially if you are used to running with a more open system. I had mine tested when I ran at Goodwood many years ago. Just a micron can which according to the paperwork was max of 105db. As a 105db day it should have been fine but on testing it failed miserably, at 110.3. Fortunately I had taken the standard can and used that, but, the bike felt strangled compared to normal.

Donnington do have noise limitations, bit surprising when its next to East Midland’s airport. It could be that this track day is deliberately quiet to stop the race boys practicing for the next day.

Well, I confirmed with Donington Park that this day is on, so it looks like the Ducati Desmodue boys have their dates wrong and it is indeed only a one day meeting.

Even though I’ll need to fit dB killers or my road exhaust, and this day doesn’t include the Melbourne Loop, I went ahead and booked. Making a weekend of it seemed to make sense, and I won’t need another day off work for a trackday!

I’m up for the 15th.

So how does this discount thing work, do we need to get 10 people & make a block booking, or just phone up individually & quote LB ?

Pat if we can get enough interest (10 or more) then youll get 10% off. However, this will need to be booked in one go and not individually. At the moment there are no plans for this to be an official LB event, but one that ill be instructing on.

Tempted anyone?

i’m interested in the 15th. checking if any of my mates can do it…

I`ll start a new topic about the 15th at Donington, to avoid confusion with the 12th.

Apparently there is a loud day on the 11th at £155. If so I will probably be there on the race bike with 1 or 2 others. We are racing there on teh Sunday.