donington park

Got this from another site.It doesn’t look good.
I have been making some noises about getting it back up and running - being a civil engineer and groundworks, I know a bit about tarmacing and big project management. so approached the powers that be to see if I can get it earning again for them.
I have spoken to some big names there and last week they had 14 people / buyers interested in a lease. The decision was being made as to weather to lease it damaged (as it is) or repair it and then lease it.
They have had a quote of £600,000 to get it up and running again with the first track session being beginning of April.
No-one wants the lease as they will have to repair it (or not for the money Wheatcroft ans Sons want for it).
After the death of Tom wheatcroft end of last eyar, his son Kevin has taken charge of it and despite his assurances that he wants to get it back up an running as a race track again, I can tell you first hand he isn’t the slightest bit interested. At present, it is just as likely to be sold to DHL and developed into industrial units (I’m not joking either).
The bitter twist of fate is that the damage to the track has been malicious - when Donington ventures Leisure Ltd realised they were going tits up, owner Simon Gillett took the decision that if he couldn’t have it, then no-one else will. He sabotaged the pit area by disconnecting / damaging services so a re-wire / re-plumb is needed throughout, and dug a load of trenches from Coppice to Goddards, including the Melbourne Loop. As it’s a race track, you can’t go along patching like you do on the roads so planing off and re-laying the whole area is needed - they aren’t service trenches as per rumours as for this kind of work you would use trenchless technology / pipe jacking for service distribution.
I am still trying to see about getting it up and running, not only from a business gain as it will look good on my CV, but there is a vested interest there too - I have a few friends who work at the Ron Haslam school, others who ride there and work there but it is sadly not looking like it will be a race track ever again.

Could be a decent day out if anyone’s interested

That is truely upsetting, i loved that circuit.

I sure hope someone steps in and soon to resurect the place.

Eeek, I got a Ron Haslam race day voucher for xmas and their race school is usually run from Donington, was looking forward to giving Donington a go but maybe they will have to do it eslewhere now, I thought there was some issue as they still haven’t released their 2010 dates yet, they say it’s due to delayed confirmation of the racing calendars but maybe this is the real cause.

Really sad news :frowning:

Truly sad news, such great circuit with loads of history, Such a shame Tom departed this world :crying: bet he’s turning in his grave :crying:
I for one would make a donation!!!