Donington Park GP on Monday 24th of August

Booking page

Who’s with me?

this could be good. Frogga had mentioned either 7th or 14th of next month which might be a better option. I’m just sorting out which i can do…

I am already in Rockhingham on the 28th of June for the international and on 7th for CSS.
I feel that 14th might be a bit close for me financially with the van rental, most likely the need for a new set of tyre at some point.

August 24th just after I get back from my month in Bali is just fine for me.

And the 7th at Donington is already full btw:satisfied:

i reckon this has to be a good plan (and at this rate i’m not going to end up doing any td’s this year!)

I’m in. have you already booked?

Anyone else want to get involved?

Looking to book into the fast group for this one…

Hopefully I’ll have maybe another five riders with me.

See you there!


Yep. I am all booked in inter.
I am also doing the Ron Haslam Race school on July 15th so I should learn the track then and not humiliate myself too much :smiley:

yup wana do this just gota get adz on board

Planning to bin it so you need his van?:smiley:

no m8 planning on having some one who i can play with out on track as your way tooooo slow :wink:

plus he`s a dab hand with a wrench so he can change me wheels if it raining :stuck_out_tongue:

is this the full track with the melborne loop ??? doesn`t say on the booking page??

I’m guessing as it says donington GP that it is…

Might join you for this one - first one of the year. go gently on me :stuck_out_tongue:

take it you’ll be going faaaast group jonsey?

only done donny in the wet once. reckon inters is better for learning a track again?

All booked into inters :slight_smile: got me dates mixed up so can make this one now :smiley:

i`m booked up!!!

inters for me as its the first time i`ve been to donny;)

gota swap my days off though

Also booked into inters!

What do you reckon - drive up or overnighter?

Booked Inters. :slight_smile:

i should be there too…

im off to buy ear plugs as i have to spend the night in a room with someone nameless that snores loader than and elephant…


adz you booked up in inters with the rest of us. jb were(adz and i) are going up there the day before;)

sounds like a good show, I’m tempted. One problem, I only have one more day of holiday left to take this year… Only done the GP circuit twice and both times it chucked it down most of the day so I feel that circuit owes me.

holidays? im pulling a sickie!! :blush: