Donington MotoGP Qualifying Reminder

Its just started on Eurosport:)

Thanks…just fighting the kids for the remote now:)

take it you’re not at work then?

No mate, my day starts at 7 tonight:hehe:

The MD’S office is shut so i cant get in there and turn the Sky box over.

If i have to watch enymore poxy Bloomberg i’m going to scream


woop! woop!
we are off to Donington this evening :smiley:
well Coventry to be exact
going to see quali’s tomorrow and the GPs from the start/finish grandstand on Sunday…coooommon!

Can anyone tell me why almost every riders left foot comes off the peg as the turn into the foggy esses?

isnt that a sign of stress for a pro rider?as-in, “i might bin-it here” :slight_smile: had a great weekend, even got sunburnt in between the rain and wind :D:w00t: