Done it!

Hey all, passed the mod 2, one minor :slight_smile: big massive thanks for all the helpful comments peeps, special shout out to curlyAlly for the farnborough info via phone. You people rock and so does my VT750 I’ve been out playing on…me and the Missus will be out to play soon

Dan Halen…

Congratulations!!! :slight_smile:

Congrats :slight_smile:


Congratulations :slight_smile:

Congratulations Dan …

Take it easy with the Missus though, riding with a pillion is a whole new ball game. Google riding with a pillion and have a through read.

Nah man my missus has a sv650 sport :wink:

Well done and lets hope the weather holds out for you to get some experience before the wet stuff starts. :smiley:
All the best John

Well done mate. Hope we get some nice dry spells over winter so you can get out and about.

Also make sure you have a very clear signal between you so she knows its time to get off.
First time out with pillion, I stopped in a layby, Lisa thought it was time to get off, I hadn’t finished parking, we both ended up tipping gracefully into a patch of nettles.

hahahaha nice one Scorch, when i was younger ( a lot younger ) i was outside a pub when a massive biker from the road rats i think it was (20 stone plus easily) came out with his mrs (also knocking at least 16 stone) and they both got on his bike pissed as farts and proceeded to topple straight over without going anywhere…f**kin hilarious :wink:

Many congratulations Dan - you did better than me - think I had 3 minors. Glad if anything I told you helped and delighted that you have now caught up with your Mrs and can rideout with her - while she she rides HER OWN bike!! Amused by the assumption by some that she will just be your pillion!! Look forward to riding out with you soon. There is a ‘Jetstream’ ride on Sunday, if you’re free…

Congrats mate, take care, enjoy :smiley:

well done and the VT looks ubber cool

Well done!

Just in time for the good weather :pinch:


Yes, well done :slight_smile:

Oooh well done!

Because I generally know where we’re going and Boris doesn’t, we have a system for me to tell him where to go. It involves tapping him on the relevant side. I also have a habit of pointing out things of interest occasionally, like oooh there’s a pretty bike, and once I pointed at a Co-op with a petrol station. Boris took this as a direction, and ended up turning down the road just before it :ermm:

Another time I wanted him to go left before a roundabout, but he thought I meant left at the roundabout. So as we came up to the turning I started hitting him harder and faster to try to make him realise what I wanted.

Definitely feels easier than Mod 1 doesn’t it?

yeah was a pretty easy and chilled ride like you say theoc, some of the training i did was way harder than the test itself definately