Donation Requred: Got an old Mac?

To make the site more accessible to Apple users, we need to do more testing with one, but we’re a PC setup and are looking to see if anyone has an old Mac they wouldn’t mind donating to LB? In return, we’d supply T-Shirts and Stickers, and a whole lot of love.

The machine needs to run OS X, with Safari. Speed isn’t an issue here, just the results of what happens in the browser, so anything gratefully considered!

Mine is a new iMac and I haven’t had any probs with the site Jay, its only a year old so you can’t have it !

Any chance of a few of your choice avatars, Gixxerboy?


At work we use

Really excellent service, especially their remote control option. It’s not too expensive… give the 24 hour trial a go.


i use a mac with safari and i havent had any probs either

Thanks for the suggestion David, I’ll have a look. Gixxerboy, your avatar is strangely mesmorising… Glad to hear from other Mac users that things seem okay, though there are still thinks we need to test, both present and future things.

Could probably ‘lend’ you one, rather than give, if you want to test some stoof.

GB, where did you get those boobs?

I thought humour in threads was mini mo’s job…

Do you want fries with your mac?

LOL. I do try and make some sensible contributions… sometimes

Glad you all like the avatar guys…took me ages to choose it, can’t think why though?