Don’t forget the clocks go back one hour tonight

And don’t get it the wrong way round and put them forward! :grin:

“Spring forward, fall backward” is the American expression that always helps me get this right.

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Crock of shite, should either stay on GMT or BST all year round. Changing of the clocks causes more problems than it solves. A lot of countries are dumping it now.

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I agree. I would prefer to stay on BST all year, and get longer/brighter evenings.

Isn’t it something that we still do for Scotish farmers? or is that an Urban myth?

First time ever I’ve now noticed I prefer GMT in the winter… Having to wake up at 6.45, I struggle with the lack of light. Today was much easier And waking up felt more normal.

We started doing it during WW2 for that reason. No government since has had the guts to abolish it.

I mean heck, they only just recently got rid of squatting rights which were brought about for returning servicemen!

Introduced during the Great War in 1916, and during Second World War it was Double summer time, so GMT+1 during Winter, and GMT+2 during the summer.

You lot are a mine of information. I learn all sorts of stuff I didn’t know about and probably never would have without coming here.

In other words, we don’t half know a lot of shit! :smiley:

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